TerasyRecommended type: Fun Grass, Elite Verde, Green Play, Meadow, Green Fresh, Green Ascari, Green Wave, Green Touch, Green Infinity.

Terraces generally: Terraces are usually an outside part of the building, used for living, relaxation, social events, barbecues, sun tanning etc. A terrace is often above ground and may be compared to a very large balcony. They are also constructed on roofs, in gardens etc. Terraces are usually large, to cater for a large number of people. If the terrace is large enough and is used for example for plants, it can be considered a small garden. The surface for such large areas must be durable, easy to clean and comfortable for bare feet (cannot be cold, like tiles).

Surface for terraces: When selecting the surface for such a terrace to conform to all the above mentioned criteria, it may seem as a problem with no solution. However, the solution is now right before you. Our company offers a wide range of artificial lawns designed specially for balconies and terraces. This surface requires no special maintenance (a light sprinkling of water and raking of leaves is sufficient) while being very comfortable and having a wonderful colour.

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