Gesäter RasenIn addition to growing and laying grass carpets, Český trávník specializes in growing sown lawns.

We grow lawns using the ELIET combi 1000 professional sowing machine, which is able to perform in one cycle pre-sowing preparation of the subsurface (matches terrain, crushes clods of earth) and getting seeds in and rolling the soil slightly at the same time while restoring capillary attraction of the soil and securing ideal conditions for seeds germination. We grow lawns using the same grass seed mixes that we use for growing lawns intended for pre-cultivated grass carpets and thus we offer you economically advantageous variant of growing lawn in your garden by combining laid grass carpets and sown surfaces. We can grow, of course, your lawn using different types of grass seed mixes, e.g. mushroom-like, erosion-control, park, meadow ones, etc.

Luxury Recreational Mix 6/1 : This mix contains a reduced portion of Rye-Grass which, after sowing, does not restrain the other, slower growing species of grass in the mix, and thus enables formation of a more diverse and plastic lawn.

Composition of the grass seed mix:

Rye-Grass Amadeus 10 %
Bareuro 10 %
Red Fescue long-blade Barustic 10 %
Red Fescue Baroyal 5 %
Short-blade Viktorka 5 %
Red Fescue Barborka 15 %
Meadow Fescue Barbirdie 5 %
Sheep Fescue Hardtop 5 %
Jana 10 %
Meadow Grass Harmonie 10 %
Limousine 15 %


Choose based on your needs:

Specializujeme se také na zakládání trávníku:

We offer to grow football lawns on football pitches for football clubs.
We offer to grow greens or fairways for golf clubs.
We will prepare parks and lawns for urban areas.
We will apply lawn to areas with difficult access as in case of castles and historical buildings.

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