Multifunction sports fields

Recommended type: : Green Play, Green Ascari

Multifunction sports fields generally: Their name tells us that they have more than one function so that more than one sport can be played. They are usually smaller than for example a football pitch, and have lines for several basic sports. These are mainly football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and sometimes a small track or sand pit. The surface of such fields is often made of artificial grass, which is ideal for such application.

Surface for multifunction sports fields: The surface for such multifunction fields must meet the criteria of all the sports which are to be played there. The types of artificial lawns offered by our company fulfil these criteria completely. Our artificial grass is highly durable, shock suppressing, has very low maintenance needs and so on. Moreover, this surface is ideal for both outdoor and indoor areas. In the case of running tracks, the artificial grass can be ordered in the traditional red tartan colour.

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