Recommended types: : Natural grass, Green Play, Green Parkland, Green Basic

Golf generally: If you are a passionate player of this sport, you are at the right place. Golf is a sport in which the player strives to get the ball in the hole using a minimum number of strokes. It is long not true that golf is only for the rich. This is confirmed by statistics: Golf has the second most players after Volleyball. Currently, new golf courses have planted grass, and artificial grass is installed only in putting greens or driving ranges.

Grass for golf: In this area, our company offers extensive possibilities. We are capable of establishing a new planted course using professional planting machines, install greens, secure artificial grass for small courses and minigolf areas, install a driving range and many other things. Together with the laying, professional planting, delivery or other service, we also secure the installation of RainBird and Hochgarden sprinkler systems, which are a necessity for every new and existing lawn. Contact us with your requirements and we will conform.

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