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Gardens generally: Gardens are areas used for growing plants, so you can have nature closer to you. Gardens are not only decorative. They are also a source of clean air and in some cases can be used for growing vegetables. Our garden is mainly for relaxing, getting rid of stress and it is also a hobby. So why don’t you give it the best.

Surface for gardens: The surfaces of Czech gardens are 90% natural grass, the rest is mostly artificial grass. However, in the last years, the popularity of artificial lawns has grown thanks to their easy maintenance. This isn't very surprising. People have less and less free time and thus the time spent in the garden is decreasing. Our company offers new natural lawns grown on our own land. We also secure lawn planting using professional planting machines, and you may also select from our wide range of artificial lawns. Besides shipping, laying and service, we also secure the installation of RainBird and Hochgarden sprinkler systems.

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