Do weeds grow through the artificial grass?
This depends on the sub-base. If artificial lawn is laid on spots with a lot of weeds, we install a special water-permeable underneath to ward off these unwanted plants without any problems.

What is the size of the artificial lawn that can be ordered?
We grow natural lawn carpets on our own land, with an area of 6.6 hectares. It is not a problem to provide you with a living lawn for your garden as well as a football pitch or more. For larger sizes, we prefer and it is advisable from a financial point of view to set up a new lawn, for which professional sowing machines are used. Along with the installation or sowing, we also offer complete services and mediation of installation of watering systems.

What does care for artificial lawn consist in?
The advantage of artificial lawns is that upon purchase, you get rid of problems with mowing and other issues. At most, outdoor maintenance includes light water spraying and raking-up of leaves, and that’s all. Indoor artificial lawns, just like ordinary carpets, can be easily vacuumed or beaten, and it’s done.

Where can artificial lawn be used?
We can answer with a single word – anywhere. Thanks to its supreme quality and, first and foremost, its resistance, you can use the lawn in any weather, in any humidity conditions, and therefore in any place. Artificial grass is an ideal solution whenever living grass does not thrive or cannot be used; it is a perfect surface for sporting grounds, a small office parterre or for decoration.

How do you recognize what type of lawn is the best for you?
All lawns from the Belgian firm Namgrass are of a top quality, and we provide a ten-year guarantee. Most of these surfaces are suitable for a broad range of applications, yet there are certain differences in their properties and appearance. The artificial lawns are categorized according to purpose, for each of which you will find recommended types of grass. However, if you deal with a different situation and are unsure what to do, do not hesitate and contact us; our personnel will be happy to assist you.

How long does it take to get your lawn?
Within South Bohemia, we can deliver the lawn within 48 hours of ordering; delivery terms outside South Bohemia will be arranged individually. We expect that transport will be provided by our company, but if the customer wishes and subject to prior agreement, you can arrange your own transport.

In case you need anything, do not hesitate and call us; our personnel will be happy to give you all of the necessary information.