Recommended type: : Natural grass

Baseball generally: Baseball, the national sport of the USA, is a collective game played (with a few exceptions) outdoors. The field for this sport has a quarter-circle shape and is nearly 10 thousand square metres (1 ha). Baseball fields have two main types of surface, a clay square with bases and the grassy outfield.

Grass for baseball: Due to its large area and low frequency and quality of use, usually natural grass is planted when establishing the field. We have multiple solutions for this option. We can offer you natural grass grown on our own land and deliver it in rolled-up strips, so that you don't have to wait for your new grass to grow. We deliver planted lawns using professional planting machines. We also offer complete service of existing lawns, including for example verticutation, sand treatment, fertilization, spraying and the like. Together with the laying, professional planting, delivery or other service, we also secure the installation of RainBird and Hochgarden sprinkler systems, which are a necessity for every new and existing lawn. Contact us with your requirements and we will conform.

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