The Český trávník company was established in 2008 and aimed at the cultivation, sale and laying of natural lawns.


Are you building or remaking your garden? Are you tired of having to care for your lawn? To you want greenery delivered to your doorstep? You are at the right place.

Our offer? QUALITY above all.


Natural lawns - carpets

Natural lawns - carpetsWe grow our lawns on our own, 6.5 ha plot of land. We use only domestic seed of a "Luxury/Recreational" type. This creates the ideal combination for a decorative, medium-load lawn, suitable not only for gardens.

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Sown lawns

Sown lawnsWe can base for You new sown lawns. We use professional seeding-machine a well balanced seeds. Your lawn will get the best for it start and you our best advices for cultivating and maintaining.

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ARTIFICIAL LAWNSIf you want a lawn with no hassle, these artificial lawns are the right thing for you. Artificial surfaces don’t lose their green colour, don't have to be watered or fertilized, protected against pests and so on. We offer a wide range of artificial lawns made by the Belgian manufacturer Namgrass, for which we have exclusive distribution rights for the Czech Republic, so you can select your lawn exactly according to its planned use and your preference.

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Laying, service, maintenance and watering: We strive to minimise your worries with the lawn, so we presume we will secure its laying. We offer complete service of existing and future lawns, including for example verticutation, sand treatment, fertilization, spraying and the like. We also secure the installation of Rainbird and Hochgarden automatic sprinkler systems.

Delivery: Within South Bohemia, we will usually deliver your lawn within 48 hours of your order. Shipment times outside of South Bohemia are negotiated individually. Our company secures the shipping as a standard, but the customer may secure their own means of transport if they wish upon request.

For more information call +420 608 729 566 or contact us via e-mail at JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING.